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Terms and Conditions

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Who can submit a petition?
Anyone who lives, works or studies in Dorset may submit a petition to either the County Council or to the relevant District or Borough Council where they either live, work or study. 

What must petitions include?
Petitions must refer to a matter that is relevant to the functions of the council to which the petition is being submitted. 

  • The petition organiser must provide their name, contact address and other contact details.
  • For paper petitions, the name, address and a signature of any person supporting the petition is required.
  • For electronic petitions, the name, postcode and email address of any person supporting the petition is required but only the name will be displayed on the petition website.

The petition must contain a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition and state what action the petitioner wishes the council to take.  Electronically submitted petitions will be returned to the petitioner for further clarification should this be unclear.

Organisers of electronic petitions will have the optional facility to attach and display supporting material to an electronic petition. This supporting material will also be reviewed.

Information on this website may be the copyright of the relevant local authority or another person. Permission must be sought from the copyright holder to further publish or reuse any such material.

Data Protection

You should be aware that any personal information submitted as part of the electronic petition process may be publicly accessible. It is your responsibility to obtain the consent of any individual before posting their personal information or photographs of them.

Petitions which are considered to be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate will not be accepted.  If factual inaccuracies are found in your electronic petition, we will contact you to point these out and give you an opportunity to reconsider the wording of your petition.   In the period immediately before an election or referendum we may need to deal with your petition differently – if this is the case we will explain the reasons and discuss the revised timescale which will apply.

Electronic petitions that do not follow these guidelines will be considered inadmissible. In such cases, petitioners will be informed as to the reasons why a petition cannot be accepted.  We will aim to review all submitted electronic petitions within five working days.

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