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If you wish to raise an issue or concern or have your views heard on a council matter then you may wish to set up and submit a petition.


Each council has its own petition scheme.  Please refer to the schemes using the links on the left for further information and guidance as to how each council will deal with a petition and how to submit a paper petition.


If you would like to get involved in other decisions being made by your local councils, please have a look at the Consultation Tracker to find out how and when consultations are happening near you.




The Dorset e-Petition system allows you to have your petition live on the website, rather than just on paper. This way, your petition and supporting information can be made available to a potentially much wider audience, giving you the opportunity to gather more names to support the petition.


This electronic system requires both the petition organiser and the signatories supporting the petition to have a valid email address. 


Petition organisers and signatories will be identified and published by name only.


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Or you can sign a petition by clicking on any petition that has a valid start date and a status of current

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